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Theo developed his kid’s meal plan with a motto of ‘Steady Growth, Healthy Mind' in close collaboration with the Eupepsia Medical Clinic team of dieticians, health coaches, physiotherapists and doctors.  The plan will help children harness the goodness of the right food in the right blend for focus, growth and improved brain function, balance and energy management. It is also designed to tackle the epidemic of diabetes and childhood obesity naturally. 

Using all natural ingredients, Theo’s plan is wholesome with the taste of homemade. By exposing kids to a large variety of foods high in nutritional value, and using the perfect blend of ingredients, superfoods and cooking methods, Theo’s Kids’ Plan is designed to help educate young ones’ taste buds to appreciate healthy foods and different tastes. With time, it will create the right instincts in them to choose the foods that are beneficial to them, independently. 

To extend the goodness of the meal plan to many children, Theo is now offering the Theo Kid’s Plan at select schools and nurseries in Dubai. 

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