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The more Theo experimented with food, the more he realized that he needed to make a tailored plan not only to suit different body individualities and to adapt to the different seasons of the year, but he also realized that he needed to pay special attention to the different cycles in someone’s life.

After much research, he understood that the food cycle and how we derive our nutrition would change for each stage of our life. For example, an infant has different needs than a toddler and so on and so forth.

While Theo studied specifically the various phases of child development hand in hand with Eupepsia Medical Clinic, he recognized the importance of feeding the body for healthy growth, the intellect for greater focus and attention as well as nurturing both the energy and feeling centers to develop greater emotional intelligence. This was an integral part of his philosophy.

Theo aspired as well to highlight the growing problem of sugar cravings in children. He developed a special plan that would balance the whole body and in doing so eliminate these cravings, with time and the help of caregivers. His intention was to change children’s unhealthy food behavior in the long term.

With this perspective, Theo is happy to collaborate with schools and parents, working together for the welfare of a new generation, to instill in them a sense of balance that is at the core of a joyful life.

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