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For companies wishing to offer a best employer experience and help their employees achieve physical, mental and emotional balance, Theo has developed a comprehensive corporate wellness program with the help of Eupepsia medical clinic. This program helps employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle and sustain it for the long run, with life-changing benefits to increase their wellbeing, boost their energy levels, improve their focus and enhance their productivity.

Theo’s Corporate Wellness program, in partnership with Eupepsia, includes on-site Body Composition Analysis, Body Type Analysis, Consultation/Personalized Counseling Sessions as well as comprehensive Wellness Campaigns featuring healthy meals, nutritional talks, wellness challenges and team building activities.

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Theo's Point is an outcome based meal plan provider that has been founded on a philosophy of creating long term health and well-being benefits through customizing meal plans to each person's body type. Empowering people with the help of Eupepsia to awaken their inner intelligence and guiding them, through personalised experience, to learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle in the long run and to revert a condition they thought could not be reverted.

The core of the offering is balanced meals with only natural ingredients: no preservatives, no cans, no hormones...treated organically to act as a natural detox to the whole system... Read More