This is how the story begins…

Theo is a traveler. This is what he loves to do, and this is what he always does. He calls this an adventure.

It all started when he wanted to find what was missing. He wanted to fill the void. He didn’t want to surrender to what people call “This is life; what can we do?”.

He knew that there was much more to it and he didn’t want to surrender to this uninspiring status quo that people seemed to surrender to. This is how his adventure started, and from that day on, he knew that there was no going back.

He travels the world inside and outside. He has a secret and mysterious map that unfolds gradually and systematically, the more he progresses on his quest.

What he loved the most was that while the purpose was clear, the apex of the experience was undefined. Not because it is not there, but because it is part of the world of infinite possibilities that our mind cannot fathom, that can only be achieved guided by the heart, brave enough to always take your adventure to new heights and into a new depth of experience.

Theo was clearly enjoying the journey. He was passionate about it every step of the way, to the extent that he was no longer able to contain it… The adventure was profound in such a way that it was opening his heart more and more by the minute. He knew the time had come and he needed to share this adventure with everyone. Not every every one, but with those who were interested in sharing the same adventure.

Theo is a follower of the path of the truth within. He learnt and experienced that in order to reach the truth, the first step was to bring back a state of homeostasis and balance to everyone who embraces and has faith in this vision.

Theo is an adult with an adult, a child with a child, a student for a teacher, a teacher for a student, a sportsman with a sportsman, a traveler for the adventurous and most of all, a foodie for all.

He had the kind of faith that could make things happen, more inside than outside, because he did not believe anyway that anything outside could make a difference to him. It was only the reflection of something much deeper.

As he felt a part of him in everyone and a part of everyone in him, he felt like sharing his secrets with all those who cared, because in helping others he felt he was helping himself and consequently, this made him very happy. Some people call this to ‘pay it forward’. For Theo, that was his vision and he dearly called this process ‘love’.

He knew that to be able to reach that stage of selflessness, which was the ultimate secret of unearthing the alchemy of joy, people needed to change from within. So Theo’s mission was first and foremost to give people the tools to reach the utmost level of peace and balance and awaken their inner intelligence; to transmute a certain order within; and to reach new dimensions getting them forever closer to their higher potential.

He believed that all he needed was the ultimate philosophy of life and an essential practice of truth. He knew that these two should go hand in hand, because one could not exist without the other.

Once, he learned from a wise man on the path, that the secret to be truly happy lied in making someone else happy. Taking care of people without needing anything in exchange would make it happen. Serving food to others and making sure they eat well and they are well fed before even eating himself is part of it.

For Theo that really changed his life. He became more sensitive to people around him and less sensitive to his own self and, as a result, the joy within was being nurtured.

And then one day while he was reflecting on people’s suffering, he thought: “what if everyone learned this secret; what could happen to the world?” And when Theo shared this thought with some people around him, some said disheartened: “This will never happen! Don’t waste your time. No one will listen to you.” But Theo knew that he should not surrender to people’s doubts, because doubt itself is the beginning of the end. So he took on the challenge, and he built the drive and gathered all the tools he needed for this challenge. And the drive was very strong in him, more than ever, and above all when he believed in something. He was determined and committed with all his heart and that made the whole difference… One thing was for sure: Theo was loving the drive.

Whether it was through his idea for a unique approach to meal plans that addressed not only the physical body but all other levels of the self, including a direct impact on the level of consciousness, and were tailor-made to each person’s needs; or whether it was through Theo’s health bar and Theo’s Lounge concepts; or even through all the events he planned to update his ambassadors on the latest achievements of his journey, Theo knew that there was always a way to connect with people’s hearts and inspire them to take on the same challenge that transformed his life.

It all starts with food…
“The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”
Ann Wigmore

With this vision, Theo realized that he needed help from those who would be able to embrace such a mission. This is when he decided to gather the troops that shared this vision and commitment, and created the fellowship of the truth within, to help him spread the knowledge and experience he had gathered on his path and create a ripple effect in changing people’s lives.

Theos story

Theo’s mission was first and foremost to give people the tools to reach the utmost level of peace and balance and awaken their inner intelligence; to transmute a certain order within; and to reach new dimensions getting them forever closer to their higher potential.