Let's rethink health

Now, Theo wanted to discuss why it was so important for people to know their body types. For example, if you were an air type and you could avoid 80 different types of illnesses, don’t you think it would be worth it to make some lifestyle and dietary changes? And this is not counting their permutations and combinations with the 40 other illnesses born from fire types and another 20 illnesses born from water types. 

It is simple yet complicated: simple, because the science is out there; complicated, because people are confused between, on the one hand, all the wrong information bombarding them for their attention, and on the other, a self-image obsessiveness that is blinding them. 

It is time to know that we are more than an image that needs to compete with photoshoped people that the media want to sell us. Our life is more than a competition for an ideal that is imposed on us and that we will never be able to reach. It is time to understand that knowing our body type and what it needs will not only strengthen the body when facing illness, but will also put us on the path of starting to master our mind and emotions. 

Whether you believe that we live one time or not, our life is precious and we owe it to ourselves to reach our highest potential. Sign up for science and your life could take a very different turn. 

With the help of Theo’s Point and Eupepsia Medical Clinic, you can go as far as you want, on a step by step program towards health and happiness.