Nature's pharmacy

At this point, Theo would like to expand on the extent of our nature’s pharmacy. Everyone knows a very large index of vegetables and fruits, grains and herbs and so on and so forth, that nature provides us. Some even know or could research how many vitamins and minerals and fiber content, and in which quantities, are in specific ingredients.

But this is not enough, because every element of nature has a different healing property that, until now, nobody fathoms the importance of. Some have drying properties, some have hydrating properties, some are grounding and some promote lightness. These properties are our tools to fight any imbalances in our life that come from our own body type, from the seasonal changes or from our immediate environment, whether it comes from an emotional place or just circumstances.

So Theo recommends you to beware and not believe blindly what everyone call healthy, because it might not be so healthy for you. This might be very shocking to you, but a raw salad is not always a solution for everyone. Theo’s advice to you is to challenge the information you have gathered from here and there and go a step deeper in understanding how it works for you, and remember that nature's pharmacy has a specific remedy for each one of us, depending on our bio-individuality.