Many bodies, many plans

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Nowadays, everyone talks about health. Some people try to do something about it, by signing up to what they consider to be a healthy plan and lifestyle.  Others don’t even bother anymore; maybe because they tried and it didn’t work for them, or maybe because they could not maintain a lifestyle that didn’t have a great impact on their emotions, performance and sleep. And some others are just not that interested.
Theo studied this craze in-depth and realized that while many people were indeed making a huge effort to be healthy, they had overlooked the most important aspect within themselves, which is balance. What could work for some, could work partially for others and could actually mess up yet others.
Theo knew from experience that people responded differently to food, and that a plan that worked only partially was not enough.  Because even if people were able to lose some weight and look very healthy, they could not hide to themselves that their balance was a very high price to pay in return. It resulted in either lack of sleep, disturbed emotions, a very active mind or a feeling of depression, among others.
So for Theo, it didn’t make sense to offer just a standard healthy meal to everyone. It was time, he thought, to raise awareness around the importance of balance in our life, and to bring to light one of the most ancient sciences on this subject: the science of the elements and their affect and effect on us.
Our body is made up different elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether, in a percentage that varies from one person to another. The combination of all these elements are computed in an equation that determines the level of balance or imbalance in a person.
It is the same as in the plants kingdom: a cactus for example will need less water than a tropical plant. If you water these two different plants with the same amount of water, one will die while the other will flourish. The same applies to us and we each have a distinct equation that determines what our body needs as a whole, as well as at specific moments, to adapt to changes in the environment.
If we put everything into one big equation, we will be able to detect what kind of food and how much water our body needs. And Theo knows well that what brings balance to someone will definitely have a different effect on someone else.
Theo, with the help of his fellows and the Eupepsia clinic team, is offering guidance to all who are ready to embark on an adventure to bring balance to their life, so that they could experience joy and share this joy with their loved ones.