Stop dieting, start living

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Another cause of bad digestion that Theo discovered along the way came from the fact that people love to experience fad diets. In doing so, they are ready to suffer and deprive themselves from real, tasty food; thus, eating stale, tasteless food to lose some pounds here and there, not understanding that this will create serious digestive problems in the future, while increasing their cravings, to compensate for deprivation.

As a result, and this has been proven so many times throughout history, people will put on more weight than ever before. How many times have you heard that overweight people are mainly those people who experienced dieting?  How many times have you, yourself, gained more weight than before dieting? What will it take for you to understand that this is not the solution?

Dieting is a trap that will enslave you and bring your whole digestive system to a slowdown, if not to become completely destroyed. Theo urges people to use their inner intelligence and to stop the destructive cycle of dieting: losing weight –  suffering energetically and emotionally – overcompensating – gaining more weight – suffering physically and mentally – dieting again, and so on and so forth. Not to mention that many people who follow this destructive cycle will encounter, sooner or later, sleeping problems created from all these imbalances. And these will be the root cause of many other illnesses.

Through his balancing formula, Theo offers you the solution to move away from trying to apply a concept of health that never stood the test of time, towards embodying a sustainable balancing program that will revolutionize how people understand health.  And it is important to understand that beyond health, there should be an alchemy, a taste and a balance.