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Theo’s main purpose was to serve people’s deepest needs; to help them break away from the status quo of their own life; to motivate them not to take no for an answer and not to surrender to what was not working for them because they thought they had no other choice; to get them to look deep inside to see how much impact is food having on them, even though sometimes it’s easier not to see; and to encourage them to find the solution that is right for them.

Theo was looking for home. He said home is ‘when and where his heart is constantly and consistently open to all, at all times’. He was told that this could only happen when he was ready to let go of everything that was separating him from himself and others, while finding the truth in everything that was uniting him with all.

Theo was a foodie for a reason. He knew that the key to bring balance to anyone’s system is through food. He experienced the impact of this truth on his own system and his fellowship. In the spirit of paying it forward, he was ready to share his secret with the rest of the world.

When asked about his secret he would answer:

Food is energy
Balance is the drive
Ingredient is the key
Love creates the alchemy

And when asked: “What does that mean?”, he would answer: “The biggest secret of life can only be unveiled through experience.” And that was what Theo wanted to share with all.

Theo’s mission was first and foremost to give people the tools to reach the utmost level of peace, balance and awaken their inner intelligence.

Theo’s main drive was to pay it forward. And his drive was very strong in him, more than ever, and above all when he believed in something. He was determined and committed with all his heart and that made the whole difference…

One thing was for sure: Theo was loving the drive.

Food is energy
Balance is the drive
Ingredient is the key
Love creates the alchemy

THEO'S Fellowship Theos Logo

As you might know by now, Theo is a follower of the path of the truth within. His mission is to bring back a state of homeostasis and balance to everyone that embraces and has faith in this vision.

With such a vision, Theo realized that he needed help from those who would be able to embrace such a mission. This is when he decided to gather the troops that shared this vision and commitment, and created the fellowship of the truth within, to help him spread the knowledge and experience he had gathered on his path.

The first step of the fellowship of Theo was to go through an intense training. Upon completion of this process, and when they were ready to go further, they were set to sign the fellowship of Theo’s Oath.

THEO'S Fellowship Oath Theos Logo

Theos Fellowship Oath
I hereby commit to serve the unity of the earth with all my love, with all my force, for the unique purpose of bringing light to the truth within.
I commit to be true to my mission, and to honor and respect every part of it.
I commit to connect with my inner intelligence, to break patterns that are not working for me and to be guided to find my own state of homeostasis, so I can inspire others.
I commit to love, and embrace what I do at all times, and in so doing I will infuse the spirit in all my actions and creations.
I commit to use my external reality to shed some light on my internal reality, so that by not reacting outside, I will practice and use my daily service to become a better person inside.
I commit to surrender to whatever happens, to accept things the way they are, and in doing so, to open my heart and make my life a whole heartening experience to others as well as to myself.
I commit to lose my individuality, care for others and serve their higher self to the best of my capacity, and in doing so, make them happy and joyful before I even think about me.
I commit to give the best of myself at all times, build my character, empower my best potential and never surrender to my limited personality.
I promise to be true to my self and serve Theo’s mission, in space and time, across the earth, and to infinity.