Balance yourself for the season

While the weather is cooling down, and everyone is enjoying the change, Theo would like to bring attention to the fact that change that happens outside happens inside as well.

As the leaves are falling down from the trees and the wind is blowing, the internal wind is awakened as well; consequently, even though we are all eager to see the weather changing, we do not understand why some feelings of unsettlement are affecting us so much, and particularly more so in these times.

So if on the one hand, your sleep is not as deep, you have disturbed sleep or very active dreams that make you feel tired in the morning and so on and so forth, and if, on the other hand, feelings of insecurity, restlessness and indecisiveness are surfacing to some extent, out of the blue, along with possible bloating and gases, do not panic. There is nothing wrong with you. If you look closely, you are not alone in undergoing this rollercoaster of emotional turmoil. You don’t need to listen to well-meaning friends’ advice to take anti-depressants or even a relaxant; you need you listen to yourself and make the right change in your diet and lifestyle to adapt to the change in the external environment.

And it is not a coincidence that nature provides at that same moment the antidote: wonderful vegetables such as pumpkins that have such a soothing and balancing effect on the self. Always wanting to help people overcome such challenging situations, Theo has developed a meal plan tailor-made to balance any excess air in the body that comes with the change of season.