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Today, Theo is starting his blog in order to share with you intimate stories that have changed his life and the life of people around him. In doing so, he invites you on his journey. 

While traveling, Theo encountered many people suffering from many different health problems such as bloating, fatigue, acidity, intolerances, constipation, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol… and so on and so forth. He came to understand as well that many diverse illnesses have their root cause in the biggest problem of our time: poor digestion.

His first challenge was to convince people that something could be done about it. However, people were very attached to their habits and to the way they did things, even if it was not working for them. They preferred to believe that there is no solution, rather than making a real effort to change.

His second challenge was to convince people that they needed to be patient, because nowadays people want to see results right away and they are not ready to invest themselves for a longer period of time, even less to change their habits for good.  This is unthinkable for them.

He discovered that people are attached to their taste buds. They think that only those tastes that they are used to can bring them satisfaction. Yet, it was important for them to understand that they could change their taste buds. In doing so, they would not only succeed in creating an inner alchemy that will produce digestive enzymes needed for good digestion, but also succeed in managing and eliminating cravings, which are at the base of poor digestion. And through the process, their likes and dislikes for certain foods will change and they will find themselves, amazingly enough, drawn to foods that will balance them.

Those who took on the challenge saw their problems systematically fade away and as a result, lost weight naturally, if they needed to do so, rather than forcefully.

With Theo’s step by step adventure, many people have stopped taking lifelong medications because their problems just disappeared. Others stopped taking digestive enzymes, vitamins and many other self-medicated supplements as they were not needed anymore. Many, if not everyone who really committed, recovered a great sense of balance, energy, lightness, fulfillment, focus, joy and peace. It happened for them, it will definitely happen for you.