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Theo’s approach to weight management is very different. However, he always respected people’s ideas and even though he did not believe in calorie counting, he made it available to all of you on this plan, because it might be the way you have been accustomed to think about weight loss.

However, Theo advocates for rethinking your approach and invites you to open up to a totally different adventure for weight management. He urges you to understand that it is not only about losing weight in the physical body, only to surrender to a recently created trend that leads us to becoming even more disconnected inside.  Weight loss is about losing the memory and patterns that come with it, which separate us from ourselves. In doing so, we will be able to bring to a final halt a very destructive inner war - that takes us from one extreme to another in a vicious cycle, from bad to worse, in which we can never find peace, stability and love - and ultimately use weight management as a practice to reconnect with ourselves.

Join Theo on the weight management adventure, take up the challenge, and dare to discover by yourself the weight you are meant to have, in order to stay healthy and balanced, sustain your energy at an optimal level and keep your confidence strong. It will help you live a healthy life and maintain the right weight year after year.

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