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To help active people to achieve the best athletic performance physically while maintaining emotional and mental balance, Theo developed the Fitness Meal Plan in close collaboration with the Eupepsia Medical Clinic team of dieticians, health coaches, physiotherapists and doctors.

Theo also aligned the plan with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the American College of Sports Medicine and the Olympics fitness guidelines that follow a fresh, whole-foods philosophy for an athlete’s core diet.

Theo defines ‘Fitness’ as a state of long-term physical, emotional and mental health. 

Many people today focus on fitness and weight management programs based on calorie count and high protein diets. However, it is known that calorie counting alone has no relationship to short or long term health benefits. Only calorie approach will lead to a loss of tissues. Instead alchemy needs to be created to sustain a long-term weight loss focusing on the loss of toxins without compromising muscle tissues, which is the only pathway to a long term health. 

Equally, high protein diets are harmful in the long run not only to people’s physical health, causing osteoporosis among other things, but also to people’s mental and emotional health, contributing to mood swings, energy drops and ultimately depression. The world’s most elite athletes understand that and have been changing their diet away from high protein to a more balanced meal plans and as a result he suffered from significant decrease of injuries.

The journey to a long-term health and fitness does not happen overnight. On the contrary, recent scientific study relating to the ‘Biggest Looser’ aftermath shows how a quick weight loss leads to slow down of metabolism and long-term metabolic disorders. 

Theo follows a scientific evidence based approach combining the best of ancient and modern science. Theo’s Point guides and educates people not only to achieve their personal fitness goals but helps people to heal from a variety of lifestyle conditions and non communicable diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, lipid disorders etc. or auto-immune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. 

The right ingredients in the right blend found in Theo’s Fitness Plan will create the alchemy necessary for the body to heal itself and sustain a good fitness level and unlock an inner unlimited source of energy.

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