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On his journey, Theo met many people, and they all complained about some minor physical problems and a lack of energy, and when Theo asked: “Why do you feel this way?”  They would answer: “Life is very hectic, we work constantly and there is no time to take care of ourselves”.

For many days, Theo thought about this problem that he was uncovering more and more and he studied every aspect of it. And when he reached a conclusion, he went back to the people and said: “Work is not the problem, because an idle mind is the workshop of the devil. Work is supposed to give you more energy and not the other way around; only thoughts drain your energy. In order to bring moderation to work, you need to increase efficiency. That means you need to live a balanced life and eat balanced food that will sustain and replenish your energy”.

His solution was to infuse the energy of love into a well-balanced meal with exquisite taste that would provide people with a heartening experience and make them feel fulfilled, finally.
So whether you are too busy to cook a home made meal for yourself and your family, or whether you are just looking for a balanced meal with incredible flavor, Theo’s healthy best meal plan is for you.
Theo’s recommendation to you is to "love and enjoy your food, learn to recover your natural taste buds and love what’s good for you, not when it’s tasteless, but when the dance of taste buds makes the whole experience the basis of a healthy, energetic lifestyle.”
Through the healthy best plan, Theo offers a tasty, nutritious and healthy meal day after day, aiming to bring balance to every aspect of yourself and keeping your energy at its optimum level. Living and eating in harmony with nature and by season can provide you with the difference you’re looking for in healthy eating for a healthy life.

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