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On his journey, Theo took up the challenge to understand why people find it very difficult to fall asleep, why they suffer from fitful sleep, why they are unable to sleep through the night with an uninterrupted sleep pattern, why they wake up always tired, even though they sleep long hours, and why they are not able to fall into a proper, deep sleep.

After much searching and many experiences, he realized that the extension of these sleep problems were anxiety, fear and insecurity, feeling restless and indecision, to name a few.  As a result of all of this, people would grow progressively individualistic, and complain more and more of loneliness, either outside or even inside. This had become an epidemic that was spreading in society, where values were being replaced by power struggle games that would ultimately take us all into total destruction.

And he made it part of his mission to find an all-encompassing solution that did not require medication. Thus, Theo secretly ingrained the solution for eliminating all the symptoms of this dis-ease in his sleeping better plan, and he invites you to make a leap of faith: break free from what you think is right, but is not working for you, and embrace what could be a life changing experience.

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