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On his way, and in the Far East, Theo came across a very interesting diet that could be very helpful in providing a kick-start to someone’s metabolism, while having a purifying effect on the system.

The word macrobiotic actually comes from the traditional Greek and means ‘life force’. It consists of eating a balanced natural food diet, centered on organic whole grains and vegetables, in harmony with the seasons, the climate and the environment. The Macrobiotic theory is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.

It is a mainly vegetarian based diet with some fish from time to time. Its benefits are becoming increasingly recognized even in the medical field. It is said that it could decrease and even eliminate the risk of coronary disease, as well as prevent and even control cancer… And even though it is not a weight loss program, it is clear that overweight people will lose excess weight in the process of purification.

Theo got inspired to offer such a plan to those who need it and always urges everyone to be objective in choosing the right plan that can work for their holistic system.

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