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More and more, Theo caught on to the fact that intolerances had become a big topic in our modern society. Indeed, people had become aware of the negative impact that intolerances have on their health, emotions and behavior and even on their learning ability. In fact, it is true that intolerances affect the way we digest and absorb nutrients and can consequently have a detrimental impact on people’s lives and that of their loved ones.

What became a way of life for some, such as living with bloating, headaches, sinus problems, asthma, eczema, spinal distortion and a range of other conditions, is now labeled as allergy and intolerance.

In that respect, Theo had prepared a plan for you so you can safely manage your intolerances with ease.  Through his managing intolerances meal plan, Theo commits to providing you with the safest ingredient mix, prepared with vitamin L, as part of a delicious and balanced meal, that addresses intolerance issues and helps to eliminate your symptoms through a natural intake of the right foods for you.

On another hand, Theo urges you to understand that even though it is a trend to label everything under the intolerance flag, sometimes intolerances are just a symptom of another problem whose root causes can be solved in a totally different manner. And his question for you is: are intolerances at the root cause of digestion problems or is it that digestion problems are the root cause of intolerances? Theo with the help of Eupepsia can help you find the right answer.

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