It's almost 2017

It is almost the New Year. 

Everyone is waiting for this moment to make a new start and make some serious resolutions. It is a very exciting time but how do people intend to make it work? That was the question Theo was reflecting on. Theo observed that in past years, people had two types of approaches to this moment.

There were the ones who would wait until the last minute to make their resolutions. And most of them would have a long list of resolutions that they would not be able to choose from, nor focus on the one thing that they would be able to commit to, to make it work, thereby already putting themselves up for failure. 

Others, while knowing exactly the direction they intended to take at the start of the year, wanted now to spend all their time going to the other extreme by way of saying goodbye to their old habits, their old self and wanting to break away from their own patterns and their own prison.

It’s no wonder that on the third or fourth day of the New Year, everyone would have already broken their vows and their promise to themselves, losing faith in their own self, and losing confidence in their ability to achieve their higher potential. And by the following month or further, they would not even remember what was this so special resolution that gave them hope for change. 

So, again, people would surrender to a lesser version of themselves, one they are used to, while calling it, in more fancy words, their comfort zone. And at that moment, they pretended that this is what made them happy. And in the end they would indulge once again in the very same thing they promised themselves that they would never do again after that moment.

However, there is hope to make a difference. 

Theo recommends to take a different approach, and these are his points on the matter:

· Prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and at every other level for this drastic change; a big change never happens from one minute to the next

· Choose one change at a time, don’t create a big list that you won’t even remember in the next moment

· Choose your resolutions well; don’t settle for something that is not sustainable, such as stopping carbs, and that can have very negative effect on your physical, mental and emotional bodies  

· Don’t underestimate the power of your unconscious mind that will try to fail you at any given moment

· Don’t abandon the war; if you have only lost a battle, stand up and continue to fight

· Be flexible in adapting to whatever you are learning on the journey of change; sometimes you need to surrender what you thought was good for you, to what you discover is good for you

· Don’t laugh at anyone trying or not to make a difference in their life

· Always have faith in your highest potential

On this high note, Theo and his fellowship wish you all the best for this new year, total success in your new challenge, a victory for a new milestone and a lot of joy on this new journey.

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