The dance of the taste buds

Because digestive problems are on the lips and in the tummy of everyone nowadays, Theo decided, with the precious help of Eupepsia, which means good digestion, to address this topic.

Most of the people he met were either on enzyme supplements, strong laxatives because of irregular bowel movements, or on acidity medication and so on and so forth...

One of the reasons digestion has become such a big problem is the fact that our modern recipes and eating habits don’t allow for the inner alchemy, which creates the right digestive enzymes for healthy digestion, to occur.

Everyone is mainly consuming salty and sugary taste, and consequently alternating between one taste and the other. After the extreme consumption of one taste, they start craving and indulge in the extreme consumption of the opposite taste, and vice versa.

The problem with this pattern is that we never feel closure, because we never feel satiated taste-wise, since there is a missing taste in the dance of the taste buds. This leads to the biggest problem we face today: overeating and overweight; hence, poor digestion and malabsorption.

Theo urges everyone to rethink the way they eat and before fighting to lose some pounds, to fight to recreate the right digestion for better balance in their life.

It’s time to change your taste buds to stimulate your digestion and live life, balance and joy.